Pre-Development and General Contracting

ConRock provides significant pre-development services in conjunction with the design, financial, property management and legal team members from the outset.

ConRock attends the initial walk through with the owner and property management team during the process of preparing the physical needs assessment report to understand the buildings needs and providing preliminary pricing to the IPNA provider to ensure the report accurately reflects reality.

During the schematic and design development phases, ConRock provides real-time estimating of the various scope options in an iterative process intended to keep the scope within the predetermined budget in addition to providing value engineering and alternative methods to reduce costs.

Additional pre-development services include, filing approach, co-ordination of any environmental matters, access agreements, tenants coordination, scheduling advice, are just a sample of the array of matters that come up during pre-development.

Understanding the building operations and the scope allows ConRock to provide competitive pricing to the owner and a plan to execute in the least disruptive manner to the tenants.